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Innovative Solutions in SMT Production: High-Quality SMT Cover Tape Extender and ESD Anti-static Splicing Tape

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Innovative Solutions in SMT Production: High-Quality SMT Cover Tape Extender and ESD Anti-static Splicing Tape

In a significant advancement for the electronics manufacturing industry, a new range of high-quality SMT (Surface Mount Technology) cover tape extenders and ESD anti-static splicing tapes are now available. These products are designed to reduce material waste, enhance production efficiency, and lower costs in SMT patch processing.

High-Quality SMT Cover Tape Extender:

The SMT cover tape extender is an innovative solution to maximize the use of remaining small parts on the feeder, preventing material waste through efficient traction of the material receiving leader. This product is essential for optimizing resource use in SMT production.

ESD Anti-static Splicing Tape:

The primary function of the SMT splicing tape is to minimize component waste and boost production efficiency. It plays a crucial role in the electronic manufacturing industry's SMT patch processing. The splicing tape is made of PET film and adhesive tape, offering two material options: anti-static (ESD) and ordinary. The transparent PET material is known for its toughness and strong tensile strength.

Versatile Adhesive Tape Options:

The adhesive tape is available in various colors, including yellow, blue, green, black, and silver (aluminum foil). Customers can select based on their specific requirements. For factories with stringent production processes, anti-static splicing tapes are recommended. The standard of anti-static tapes produced by our company is electrostatic surface impedance value: 10 +6 ~ 10 +9 ohm, peel off The voltage can reach below 100V.

Customizable Specifications:

The commonly used splicing leader specifications include widths of 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44, and 56 mm, with the option for customization based on customer needs. The product is available in two lengths: 396 mm and 508 mm, such as 8 mm (W) x 396 mm (L) or 8 mm (W) x 508 mm (L).


The packaging specifications are as follows:

- 8-16 mm: 500 PCS/box

- 24-72 mm: 250 PCS/box

These specifications serve as a reference.

Accept OEM/ODM:

Dear customer, we make a lot of tapes in different colors and size, please send inquiry to us with your request tape size and color, we could show you our finished products and tape specification according to your usage.

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